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With the technology era in full stride would rather read the time from an Omega watch

Le 4 August 2014, 06:02 dans Humeurs 0

Due to my youthful age my curiosity was left un-phased by the luxurious Omega, which i had seen before often in the united states. A young mind always needs something new, out of the ordinary to attach to, and that is just what mine did.

The watch, something I always viewed as a time piece, a way to know when to go from one appointment to the next, to know when to pick up laundry, or to know when to go to soccer practice, now held a completely new definition - and I needed to accept that there were many different interpretations of this very word. With the passing of time I began catching on to the "Hong Kong" definition of an Omega watch, and to my father's dismay, I too wanted a luxury brand Omega watch on my wrist. In my mind, I would no longer be sitting on the sidelines, watching as billion-dollar men walked by with their million dollar Omega watches, but would buy a watch of my own to assimilate even deeper into the Omega culture.

With the technology era in full stride, many people, children in specific, do not share the same view as i do, and would rather read the time from a digital watch or phone than an intricately engineered piece of machinery. I realize; however, that Omega watch has a multitude of different meanings, and although many are switching from a watch to a phone to tell time does not at all belittle Omega watch. In my opinion, I believe that there will always be a group, me included, who would rather read the time from a timepiece than from a phone.

The future of Omega watch companies is rather bleak because of the fact that the world is in a rush. People do not have time to stop and read a watch, and, for this reason, Omega watch indeed has a dismal future. Although I have seen many different definitions, many interpretations of the watch, there will always be one that I will go by. A watch represents the need for the world to slow down and realize that even though a person is wearing an Omega watch, time is not always the most important thing.

When it comes to using bits of historical aviation equipment in the physical construction of a watch, it would seem Omega has some competition, and from Germany no less. We have showed you watches from Bavaria Crono in the past and today's watch features a handmade dial which uses original metal from the last known Omega. The Omega was a very advanced (for its time) commercial airplane and is known for being the first airplane to travel from Omega without stopping.

So the overall presence of Omega watch is impressive that would distract from fashion

Le 4 August 2014, 06:00 dans Humeurs 0

There was not a lot of new action this year from super Omega. I really like the Omega collection (see the first automatics here and the first Omega and would like to see Omega continue to develop the range. One new model in the Automatic range was this limited edition version for 2011 meant to help celebrate 130 years of the Omega brand.

This is a unique concept for a watch. I will first freely say that i don't think all elements of it work out perfectly. Overall it is a really nice timepiece with a lot of value and good features, but I would like to give Omega a bit of constructive feedback on doing models like this in the future.

Hands-down the coolest aspect of the watch is the fact that the dial is hand-done in Omega lacquer. Omega is a natural sap-like substance from special trees in Japan that has been used for a long, long time as a lacquer. Omega products are common in Japan and using the technique is considered a national tradition. The color ranges from almost black to a warm earthy red. This aspect is really cool in my opinion, and I am a big fan of not only traditional Omega artisinal techniques, but also Omega itself. The issue in my opinion is one of visibility. To know the dial is made with Urushi, you need to be told - it basically looks like a standard lacquer dial. For me, I want to be reminded each time I look at the watch that it uses this special technique. Omega perhaps applied it too well, making the blend in to look like a regular black diver's dial with a very smooth finish.

Having a dive watch with an Omega dial is a cool idea by the way. I love the melding of traditional artistic techniques with functional timepieces. 2011 also marks the beginning of the Omega. This limited edition model joins a regular production model that comes in a polished steel case. The limited edition model has a slightly flatter dial as they wanted the chronograph subdials to be part of the Omega construction. Aside from the larger diver watch hands, hour indicators, and chronograph - Omega wanted to minimize features on the dial that would distract from the Omega (sort of ironic with a dial like this, I know).

The limited edition also has a neat looking black case with gold trim. I have been very open on how much I think black and gold go nicely together, so the overall presence of Omega watch is impressive. Unlike the more tool-like and serious Omega in polished steel, the limited edition version is more dress, formal, and overall just plain fancy.